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This is the “Knowledge Base” page. You will find answers for the most important questions related to the topics presented on our website.
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How To Submit A Project?

If you would like to publish and promote your personal car design project, simply follow our easy to use step by step guide. A new, dynamic content will be automatically generated for your project and the details and images you’ll provide will override designated fields in one of our beautiful templates. After all, your project will be automatically promoted on the website and on our large social media pages with over a half million followers in total! Follow this step by step guide to create your car design project now:

1. Login / Register

1. Login / Register

  • STEP 1

To create your own tutorial you'll have to be logged in. To login in to this website please open this page:
To create new account click here:

2. Open Editor

2. Open Editor

  • STEP 2

Now you can open your Editor by clicking this link: [...].

You will see a standard post Editor allowing you to create a new post.

3. Enable extra panel

3. Enable extra panel

  • STEP 3

To enable extra custom post fields allowing you to generate a tutorial you must select category: Tutorials (right side panel). Then, wait a few seconds and the extra panel will appear in your Editor.

4. Add title

4. Add title

  • STEP 4

In the post field: "Add New Post" enter your tutorial's title. As a best practices your title should have an information about what your tutorial is and your name on the end, for example: "Ferrari Concept Rendering by Marcin Wasilewski"

5. Add featured image

5. Add featured image

  • STEP 5

From the right side panel click "Set Featured Image" to add main image of your tutorial. This image will be shown on the website and on our social media pages as a main promotional banner.

6. Set general details

6. Set general details

  • STEP 6

Open the tab: General, and fill out all the basic fields about you such as your name, country, status etc. You can also provide links to your social media pages and websites so that the people can visit and follow your sites.

7. Add specifications

7. Add specifications

  • STEP 7

Open the tab: Specifications, and fill out all the basic fields providing more details about your tutorial such as the number of steps, workflow files, tools etc.

8. Add steps

8. Add steps

  • STEP 8

Open the tab: Steps

9. Select permissions

9. Select permissions

  • STEP 9

Open the tab: Permissions, and select all the required boxes to give us a permission to promote your work on our Car Design Pro networks including the Car Design Magazine.

10. Submit to review

10. Submit to review

  • STEP 10

When you are ready simply hit the "Submit for review" button and wait for approval. Just make sure everything is correct and all the required fields has been filled. 

Questions & Answers

We are building a knowledge base to help you find answers for general questions and resolve basic problems. We believe this future documentation will be a great source of knowledge, helpful for all automotive design lovers.

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